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Vol 3 Issue 3

IJRECT Vol. 3 Issue 3 (July – September 2016)

Sr. No. Research Topic Paper ID Page No.
1.A Novel Miniature Edge Fed Planar Inverted-F Antenna (PIFA) for Future 5G Wireless Devices
Neha Loharia, Shashi B. Rana, Naveen Kumar
2.Can Direct Business Operations of Large Self-propelled Sea Wave Power Device
Shoucai Pan
3.Logic Design for Single On-Chip Test Clock Generation for NClock Domain – Impact on SOC Area and Test Quality
Ramkumar Balasubramanian
4.Diminishing the Power Loss by Merged Algorithm
Aditya Bumanapalli
5.Performance Evaluation of Maximum Power Point
Tracking Principle for PV Systems

Balakumar N, Dr. Boselin Prabhu S R
6.Diminishing the Power Loss by Merged Algorithm
Rajesh Maharudra Patil, Dr. M S Nagaraj, Dr. P S Venkataramu