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Vol 1 Issuse 4

IJRECT Vol. 1 Issue 4 (October – December 2014)

Sr. No. Research Topic Paper ID Page No.
1.Paper Reduction Using Hybrid Technique Based on Tone Reservation and PTS Using QPSK Modulation
Manbinder Kaur, Baljit Kaur
2.Dwindling of Active Power Loss by Enhanced Black Hole Algorithm
K.Lenin, Dr.B.Ravindhranath Reddy, Dr.M.Surya Kalavathi
3.Diminution of Real Power Loss and conservation of voltage constancy by EnrichedFirefly Algorithm
K.Lenin, Dr.B.Ravindhranath Reddy
4.Design and Analysis of Three – turn Archimedean Spiral Antenna with defected ground
Rajneesh Kumar
5.Termite Colony Optimization Algorithm For Solving Optimal Reactive Power Dispatch Problem
K.Lenin, Dr.B.Ravindhranath Reddy, Dr.M.Surya Kalavathi
6.Design of a Biomedical Signal Emulator to Analyze various Physiological Variables of Human Body
Chetana Patil, Zebashireen Mulla