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Vol. 1 Issue 2

IJRECT Vol. 1 Issue 2 (April – June 2014)

Sr. No. Research Topic Paper ID Page No.
1.SVM Based Network Traffic Classification Using Correlation Information
R.S.Anu Gowsalya, Dr. S.Miruna Joe Amali
2.Restoration of Motion Distorted Image by Blind Image Deconvolution
Dipalee A. Kolte, Prof. Maruti B. Limkar, Prof. Sanjay M. Hundiwale
3.Design of Multiband Rectenna with Enhanced Band Width Using DGS
Mahendra Pal Verma, P.K. Singhal
4.Reduction of Real Power Loss by Using Enhanced Artificial Fish Swarm Algorithm
K. Lenin, B. Ravindranath Reddy, M. Surya Kalavathi
5.Study of Different Shadow Detection and Removal Algorithm
Gayatri Gurav, Prof. M.B Limkar, Prof. Sanjay M. Hundiwale
6.Enhancement of Bandwidth of Rectangular Patch Antenna Using Multiple Slots in The Ground Plane
Shiva Chauhan, P.K. Singhal
7.Reduction of Active Power Loss and Improvement of Voltage Profile by Using Intellectual Particle Swarm Optimization
K. Lenin, B. Ravindranath Reddy, M. Surya Kalavathi
8.Simulation and Modelling of VSC Based HVDC TransmissionLine
Bakhda Jay S, Patel Tejas V., Anuradha Deshpande
9.Circular Patch Monopole Antenna with Hexagonal Slot for Triple Band Frequency Applications
Umang Supekar, P.K.Singhal
10.Dual Band Circular Shape Patch Antenna
Sonu Panday, Karuna Markam
11.Wired and Wireless Computer Network Performance Evaluation Using OMNeT++ Simulation EnvironmentDhobale J V, Dr. Kalyankar N V, Dr. Khamitkar S DIJRECT-12-2014-1954-59
12.Video Copy Detection Using TIRI-DCT & its Performance AnalysisLaxmi Gupta, Prof. M.B Limkar, Prof. Sanjay. M HundiwaleIJRECT-12-2014-2060-65